Our company has operated on the Polish and foreign market from 2003. The initial profile of company’s operations was based on sales of kitchen furniture manufactured in Italy. With acquiring customers on foreign markets, including Sweden, Norway, Germany, Denmark and Netherland, our sales have been based on export. Due to high requirements of our customers as regards quality and design, we decided to extend our offer by our own production. We have specialist equipment for furniture production. We are able to complete any design quickly and by attractive price.

We fulfil individual orders and not typical designs.We prepare specialist interior visualization, considering even the smallest details and any colour pattern.We have experience in big projects. We specialize in kitchens and custom fitting in apartment buildings and production premises.

We provide professional assistance in purchase of household goods and appliances of any brands available on the Polish market.We advice which equipment shall be purchased to fit your needs. We adapt design to it and provide that the final effect will be delighted both in form and operation comfort. With us, you have the guarantee of successful purchase, taking into account both quality and the attractive price!


We are pleased to announce that in cooperation with well-known photographer Sebastian Wołosz Szczecin and thanks to our customers, we’ve prepared presentations of completed kitchen projects and interiors designed by VIP STUDIO workers and cooperating designers. We invite you to watch on our website under  „Projects”  and on our website, where we will systematically present recent works of VIP STUDIO.


Impressive technology. Fascinating design.

Siemens appliances make cooking and baking a pleasure. Their innovative technologies and convenient functions take work off your hands, and inspire you to create delicious dishes.
Siemens appliances also set new standards with their captivating design and high-end materials. See for yourself!


The new and elegant box system LEGRABOX is as diverse as the subject of living itself. It is suitable for any area of the home, kitchen, bathroom, living area and shop displays. AMBIA-LINE, an inner dividing system available for LEGRABOX, has been specifically tailored to match the design for a harmonious overall look in all living spaces. And all this in order to achieve a harmonious environment in all living areas.

Here you can download the latest BLUM catalog

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One of the suppliers of our company is the Italian manufacturer of kitchen furniture stack . It is one of the largest furniture manufacturers in Italy. The factory was founded in 1964 and today is run by the same family Sani . Thanks to the continuous , long-term investments factory has become one of the most mechanized and organized kitchen furniture factories in Italy. The factory is located in the beautiful Toscanii in the small picturesque village of Radicofani . For more than 40 thousand square meters, which is the production , the best specialists and furniture designers carry up to 150 sets of kitchen furniture daily to customers from all over the world . The choice we have over 30 models of classic and modern cuisine that by using the best technical solutions and production , the latest trends and fashion presented in the global furniture fair . The fully mechanized production and a wide distribution network allows you to keep competitive prices compared with other vendors in the industry while maintaining high product quality.


Kartell is a leader in the design , founded in 1949, the company has over 60 years of tradition , narrated by the great range of products – furniture, objects used for interior lighting – which always reflects the style and atmosphere of the period in which it was created , at the same time , is fully modern . All this makes the items Kartell perfectly integrated into the home environment . Always world-famous personalities such as Philippe Starck , Ron Arad, Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec , Antonio Citterio , Patrick Jouin , Ferruccio Laviani , Piero Lissoni , Patricia Urquiola , Tokujin Yoshioka , Alberto Meda , Mario Bellini , Front cooperate with the company Kartell . This creative team has developed the company Kartell special feeling based on constant dialogue and exchange of ideas , which led to an optimal balance between the experience of individual designers , and the potential and requirements of the company. Welcome to our living room furniture Italian Vip Studio where you will find a full range of original products Kartell – chairs , lamps , which can be the perfect diversion in your interiors.


We also offer high -end appliances . Your kitchen can be equipped with equipment from Samsung. Affiliated to the example compact oven FQ 215 G001 Prezio . I wonder what the solution is steam-cleaning function , certainly will appeal to people who like cooking. 24-inch oven has a steam-cleaning mode . In the blink of an eye the whole interior will be thoroughly cleaned , and the remnants of fat softened so that you can easily collect them with a sponge or cloth. Another interesting option is the quick cooking. Lack of time often leads to unhealthy eating habits such as eating fast food and buying food to take away. Speed ​​Cooking With technology , you can quickly and easily prepare a meal . This solution is designed for people with active lifestyles . The use of several sources of heat : two convection on the sides, top and bottom hidden grill and microwaves allow you to reduce the time needed for the preparation of lunch or dinner , and maybe dessert. This allows you to devote the remaining time to relax with your family . In addition, it should be mentioned that the oven has a capacity of 42 liters , 8 cooking modes , 5 programs thawing , touch control with blue LED backlight. The interior is made of a ceramic enamel , while the front part is made of black glass .


Drewpol is a company producing furniture fronts , existing on the market for over 20 years. The main mission of the company is „the satisfaction of our customers is absolutely important for us . We focus on quality, design and efficient customer service . We are proud of the results of our work. ” Once the company was the establishment of the great tradition of craftsmanship , and over time has evolved into a large company , which at the present time employs several hundred people . In order to meet customer requirements, still follows the news and global trends . By using carefully selected natural resource products have the highest quality . The company has FSC certification , which contributes to prowadzienia responsible forest management worldwide. At each stage of production undergoes a detailed inspection , and the production process is in accordance with the guidelines of quality management system ISO 9001:2000 guarantees the excellent quality of the final product.


In our offer you can also find products from Liebherr . Special attention we refrigerator -freezer ICN 3366 Premium , which is on display in our showroom . This product was manufactured in ActiveGreen technology , which means that all components are made of top quality materials , and concern for the environment they are properly marked , so that in the case of recycling . Fridge- freezer has a drawer with BioFresh technology which provides the perfect atmosphere for an extremely long freshness. This system consists in storing the products in a chamber in which the temperature is maintained at slightly above 0 ° C and ideal humidity. As a result, products such as vegetables, fruits , fish, meat and dairy products, retain vitamins, delicate aroma and appetizing appearance much longer than a traditional refrigerator. Professional technology Nofrost Liebherr makes defrosting device is no longer necessary . In addition, products with an Nofrost are extremely efficient and have an extremely functional equipment . For example, the automatic feature allows the cooling Superfrost interior of the device in a short time up to -32 ° C. This allows you to safely freeze fresh foods loaded and the preservation of vitamins, flavor and appearance. After the end of the freezing process automatically switches to the normal mode. Liebherr ICN 3366 Premium as the only product on the market designed to be built , has built-in ice machine .

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